before you let your property or choosing your letting agency.

thinking of letting a property, why not find out how we can help!
Thinking of letting a property?


With our experience and local knowledge we can offer you expert and accurate advice as to the best rent you can reasonably expect to obtain.


Our track record speaks for itself. The combination of town centre premises and our comprehensive advertising means that we can usually find a tenant within two weeks.


The Tenant
We can take care of all references and financial checks for you and collect deposits. Rest assured we don't want to let your property to someone who can't afford to pay for it! Our tenants come from all walks of life from students to professionals.


The Lease
We make sure that all the correct legal notices are properly served and a properly drawn up tenancy agreement is signed. We make sure your interests are fully protected.


The Tenancy
We don't stop working once the tenant is in possession. We collect the rent, make sure the property is being looked after and can even sort out any problems with the upkeep of the building If things go wrong .
Frankly they don't very often because we get it right before the agreements are signed. However if something totally unforeseen happens we can deal with it for you, right down to repossessing the property. In the vast majority of cases you won't even have to get involved.


Getting your property back
To a large extent we can tailor the tenancy agreement to suit you Your only commitment is to a lease of 6 months or more.


How much does it cost?
Surprisingly little. Exactly how much we charge depends precisely what you want us to do. We are more than happy to discuss your exact requirements with you and quote you a price. Whatever we charge it is deducted from the rent we collect.


How does it work?
All you have to do is give us access to the property so that we can make a rent assessment. Once a rent has been agreed we ask you to sign a management agreement which authorizes us to act on your behalf. After that we do everything for you. The agreed rent is paid to you monthly on a date that you specify


About HABITAT Estates Management
At HABITAT we believe we have got things right. We offer a high quality, professional service at a minimal cost. With our wealth of experience and expert knowledge we can make sure that all our clients interests are protected. "After all our clients are our interests".