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Thinking of letting a property?


Under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations Act 1994, any person (Landlord) who is letting (Renting) properties must maintain all Gas Appliances and have them checked for safety by a CORGI Registered engineer or company at least once every twelve months. The records of these checks including any repairs are to be kept by the landlord or the landlords agents (which ever is carrying out the letting) for the tenants to see upon request. You are therefore legally obliged to have all the Gas Appliances in the property or properties you are letting out checked for safety and bought up to standard by a qualified engineer or company. In the event that you are unable to have these checks carried out, we at HABITAT Management can arrange a CORGI registered engineer to carry out these checks on your behalf. If you do not provide a gas certificate within 1 0 days then HABITAT Management will automatically authorise an engineer to carry out these checks.
Please Note: These requirements are not bought on by HABITAT Management, but by current British Law. You are therefore allowed to use any company or engineer of your choice to carry out the safety checks provided that they are CORGI registered and can provide certificates. It is in your own interest that you ask to see copies of this certificate beforehand to ensure that they are properly qualified to carry out the checks.

BUILDINGS AND CONTENTS INSURANCE Are you aware that you might have inadequate Buildings and/or Contents Insurance?
As you are letting your property you current insurance may be void if there were ever to be a claim. HABITAT Management can now offer a highly competitive Insurance cover for loss or damage to buildings and contents, which is designed for tenanted properties housing professional, working, DSS or students. The policies available may cover a full replacement value for possessions buildings, (Subject to terms and conditions of selected policy). Buildings are covered against any loss or damage covering a wide variety of perils including fire, flood and theft to name but a few along with the loss of rent. There are also many extra benefits which can be added to these polices free of charge covering personal liability. Accidental Damage, Home Removal and Lock Replacement.
If you would like further details on these policies and the extra benefits please contact our offices. PS. May we inform you that as a Landlord, you are responsible to ensure that all Gas and Electrical appliances are up to current Standard Safety Regulations. HABITAT Management as your agent accept no responsibility for claims arising from faulty or substandard equipment, please check for their safety.

Property Maintenance
It may be necessary to carry out general repairs on your property from time to time. Maintenance problems may occur at any time, day or night and to any property. When such a repair is reported by the tenant, we will assess the repair. Based upon the inspection, our experience and knowledge will assist us in establishing the liability of repair. As the owner, it is courteous of us to inform you immediately that a repair has been reported to our offices, and we will advise you as to whom we feel is liable for the cost to rectify the problem. Our judgement is usually right. We have at present dealings with many local tradesmen and companies, whom we have found to be competitive and competent to tackle any situation.
If you cannot arrange for repairs to be carried out yourself, then rest assured that we will contact the job to the most capable person upon your authorisation to do so. Repairs do not occur very often, but when they do, please remember that it is in the interest of your property, your investment, to ensure that these repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently. As your managing agents, we are here to look after your investment and so maintenance of your property is important to us.